Cat logomenu


The site was built with NextJS, using a private GitHub repo full of plain-text files as the CMS. I write blog posts in MDX using VS Code and in the Multimarkdown variant of John Gruber’s Markdown syntax using Byword as my text editor, although I’m not above doing things quick-and-dirty with BBEdit.

In addition to the collective plural, I use logical quotation—otherwise know as “British style” quotation—so that’s why all the commas look like they’re in the wrong place.

I source images through Unsplash and Wikimedia Commons. I edit and create graphics and images using Gus Mueller’s wonderful image editor, Acorn, Figma, and Affinity Designer.

You won’t find comments on any blog posts, but if you just want to write a quick response to something I’ve written, I like Twitter quite a lot. For longer messages or to hire me, the Contact Page is a pretty good way to go.