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Ana Pérez, Cigar Roller

The New York Times profiles a woman who rolls cigars at high-priced parties and events as one of a team of “Cigar Dolls”:

“I have never seen a woman rolling cigars at an event like this,” Joe Genovese, a 49-year-old electrician, said while puffing on one of the five-inch cigars that Ms. Pérez had rolled and cut to size using an assortment of tools.

“Usually, it’s an older, distinguished-looking man rolling my cigar, so this is a pleasant surprise,” Mr. Genovese said between puffs, “and I must say, her cigar has a very good draw to it.”

Kitschy, sexist name aside, it’s nice to see women making strides in a typically male-dominated business.

Via The Jane Dough.