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The Literal First Lady

Apparently we have now sunk so far as a nation that our own government’s employees feel comfortable casting petty (and incorrect) insults at the President’s wife. A little over a week ago Bob Grisham, a high school psychology teacher in Alabama, went on a rant—in which he also made offensive remarks about gay people—attacking Michelle Obama’s physique:

Grisham made the derogatory remarks during a class debate on Jan. 27. He complained about the school’s low-calorie lunch menu, saying it was due to “fat butt Michelle Obama,” and added, “look at her. She looks like she weighs 185 or 190. She’s overweight.”

First of all: is he looking at the same Michelle Obama I’m looking at? Not only does she looks like she’s in great shape, but I’m pretty sure she’s in better shape than he is. More importantly, though, she is the First Lady of our country. I don’t understand how insulting her in any way could be acceptable, particularly for an adult in a position of authority over children.

Grisham’s school district agrees; they’ve suspended him without pay for 10 days, removed him from teaching duties for the remainder of the school year, and ordered him to attend sensitivity training.